Yoga for Golfers

When playing golf there are multiple areas that require discipline, exactly like yoga – you have mental and physical aspects. When these are effectively combined it helps an individual to be more consciously aware, fully present and focused, whether on the golf course or in a yoga setting. Fundamentally, without flexibility, we lack normal mobility which prevents optimal strength, as a result causing us to lose power in our golf swing. 

It is well recognised that a lack of grounding of our feet is where we lose the majority of our power in the golf swing. 

The principles behind yoga are breath work, meditation, stability, strength, mobility and of course flexibility. Understanding the benefits of these and how they all have an effect enables golfers to better their golf swing. 

With consistency, the body and mind connection becomes naturally instinctive not only in Golf but carry over to all areas of life. 

Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus have been quoted as saying they visualise every shot in their mind prior to stepping up to the ball. Sam Sneed liked to practice barefoot, citing “he wanted to feel the ground under his feet”

Yoga for Golfers aspires to help one focus on the mental and physical capacity, whether through breath work to activate the parasympathetic nervous system or to help you understand the importance of grounding one’s feet. 

Having completed an audit on TPI screens tested before and after completion of a block of Yoga for Golfers classes (In early 2020 and 2022) it was very apparent that there is a positive association between utilising yoga and the benefits noted in clients mobility and the taking of this to the golf course.  A big carry away was; many clients in my Yoga for Golfers classes noted the importance of efficient breathing, and how this benefits the game of golf.

“ Flexibility increases your range of motion in the golf swing, reduces swing faults caused by short, tight muscles, and produces more club head speed”

– Katherine Roberts (teaching Yoga for Golfers for 20+ years)
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