About me

I hold a qualification of Bsc (Honours) Physiotherapy of 14 years.

My specialty has always been within musculoskeletal injuries during my career, and that it why I specialised my Physiotherapy practice early to reflect this.

I have spent most of my career working within the military environment and then proceeded to work in the private sector for 3 years.

I am very passionate about what I do. Using my extensive Physiotherapy knowledge, I have been able to transition to many alternative therapies. These include working with Acupuncture, Ashtanga /Vinyasa Flow Yoga and looking after golfers with both Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), Yoga, and other complementary holistic therapies.

TPI certified

I hold Level 1 Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certification since 2019.

My background of Physiotherapy and being a current yoga teacher allow me to help golfers achieve their maximum potential in a golf swing.

Having settled in Morayshire, I have developed an increased fascination with the biomechanics of the golf swing and have treated many golfers in my private practice. I have specialist knowledge in this area, and work closely with many golf professionals.

I saw an opportunity for “Yoga for Golfers” to empower the golfer with knowledge and education about how so much of yoga can be carried over to the game of golf. I have been credited with amazing results, some of which can be read in the Testimonials section.


Bsc (Hons) Physiotherapy

BA (Arts ) German & Sports Science

Society of Orthopaedic Medicine modules A & B

Acupuncture training (British Medical Acupuncture Society)

Yoga (Yoga Alliance UK)


I am always learning and developing my skills and presently completing Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) training to help with the psychological aspects in both Sports and our daily lives. I would welcome volunteers to partake in this study, no fee.

I look forward to hearing from you.

“Seek the treasure you value the most dearly; if you bow your head, let it be to a lofty mountain”.

– Anon
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