Physiotherapy & Personal Training


I hold a BSc degree in Physiotherapy and have 16 years' practical experience, having worked as a front-line physio for the NHS as well as the British Armed Forces (Royal Marines, Army, Navy, and RAF).

Personal training

I gained a qualification in personal training in 2022. I have the extensive knowledge of a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist plus the skills of a Personal Trainer. This gives me the ability to give my clients a very holistic programme, to get the best individual results.

I believe knowledge gives you a firm understanding, and from there you become more empowered, which helps all day-to-day activities.

Form and technique are top priorities in personal training. I will ensure you get the support you need to make the gains you want, and to understand the reasons behind every exercise. We may also look at diet and other lifestyle factors where relevant.

I look forward to meeting you!


Heather has been instrumental in me now controlling my back pain rather than it controlling me.

In the past three months, she has inspired confidence in my own ability to overcome longstanding back problems, by addressing problems with whole body movements.

Treatments have included ‘hands on’ and very effective acupuncture, to release tension or spasms. However, Heather does not just treat the symptoms; she treats the cause and tailors flexibility and strengthening exercises to correct bad habits that have crept in to compensate for sites of pain.

I can’t thank Heather enough for the way that she has changed my (our family) life. Her knowledge, skill and positive attitude towards recovery are exceptional! 


Heather is probably the best in her field! I watched her help at least 10 people with various bodily injuries throughout our yoga training. She approached each case calmly and with exact knowledge to ease the problem. You feel completely comfortable and confident with Heather treating you and I would recommend her to anyone.


Pain in neck radiating to behind shoulder blade. Was completely disabled with it for a week. Heather came to see me and sorted in 1 hour… amazing. Thank you.


I have been seeing Heather for physio for a few months now. Firstly for a shoulder injury from an exercise class which with 2 sessions and some exercises to do at home was completely sorted. Now she is helping me with an old injury to improve my flexibility. Heather is so professional and very knowledgeable and love that the sessions are from my own house.


Whatever your situation, I will help you get your ideal personalised treatment.