TPI / Golf therapy

 I have experienced lower back pain for the last 12 years. NO LONGER!!!! Heather Foley’s professional analysis, direction and exercise programme has me back playing golf only 4 months after her diagnosis. I AM ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTED. Andy Dunlop (May 2022). 

Great session on Golf Specific screening today….amazing knowledge.Highly Recommended! (Gary Lister – June 2019)

Met Heather at Nairn Golf Club in July this year..I had damaged my knee and was there for a week in a competition and looking like not being able to play..after some intense work with massage and needles I was able to get through the whole week with Heather strapping my knee every day..so lucky she was there…every golf club needs a Heather.. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her. (Mr Donovan – July 2019)

I had been suffering with a painful shoulder for years which restricted my movement. Lately it started to affect my golf and I feared it was just going to get worse. I made contact with Heather through the golf club and over 2 sessions  of treatment she has fixed the problem. I can now swing a club without fear of doing damage. Heather is a real professional and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. (Gordon Findlay – February 2020)

Yoga for golfers

“Participating in yoga for golf has definitely helped improve  my game. Improved flexibility and  mobility have been achieved,  along with being able to remain more  balanced and  grounded through my swing. The improvements gained have also been  aided by the  breath work undertaken allowing greater focus to be achieved when playing. Overall yoga for golf has helped my golf and general wellbeing.” IG May 2022

This class is fantastic! Along with the relaxation of a yoga session, Heather tailors the moves to various aspects of golf. She has focused on breathing, balance and stretches for all the main golfing joints and muscles. When I play I remember some key messages which have really helped my golf. I would highly recommend Heather’s classes to golfers of any level. DM April 2022

I have just completed a session of 6 one-hour Yoga for golfer’s classes, which included a pre first and last class 10-minute TPI (Titleist performance Institute) personal golf flexibility assessment with Heather Foley.

She took each class and was highly professional, organised and attentive. As a result, the classes were friendly and light hearted while enlightening and educational. Yoga is a fantastic way of assessing your flexibility while also highlighting areas of weaker muscle structure around the body. It also improves breathing, releases tension, improves balance, strengthens the weaker muscles, calms and relaxes.

I found the classes challenging initially but stayed positive and saw the session through. The result was a 10-point improvement in my TPI flexibility, which was impressive. Following the Yoga classes, I have benefited from better flexibility and breathing, increased muscle strength, a greater understanding of what created this and higher-quality of wellbeing. Unbelievably my swing setup is more posture correct and solid, plus I have found extra rotational fluidity. 

Now it may not be for everyone and Rome was not built in a day, but I suggest trying some form of Yoga regardless of age or gender, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Yoga is now part of my every day life. (Graeme Masson – February 2020)

I came to Heather first with an emergency, a recurring back problem had flared up just before I was going on holiday.  Of course it wasn’t my back, but referred pain which Heather quickly diagnosed, got me mobile, and off I went with my exercises.  I’ve since joined Heather’s golf orientated yoga sessions which I absolutely love.  They’ve been fantastic for me, freeing up parts of an ‘older’ body and strengthening other areas.  The different sessions are well constructed, varied and lots of fun.  Unfortunately no sign of my golf improving!, but also no ‘back’ issues and I’ve been informed that my moods? and temper? have improved greatly!  I’m a total convert. (John MacGregor – March 2020)

I have recently completed a 6 week programme of “Yoga for Golfers” under the supervision of qualified physio, yoga instructor and TPI instructor, Heather Foley.

Aimed at increasing the flexibility in areas particular to the golf swing, I found the small group sessions amazingly helpful in doing so much more.  They have improved my balance,  freed up movement and rotation of my joints, and provided structure to exercise I have always been keen to do, knowing such exercise will help maintain golf and general mobility with age.

Was it measurable?  Well, one of the good things with Heather’s approach is that, if you are happy to do so, you can be assessed for movement before and after the course. The measurements of a range of movements result in a “handicap” which, for those of us who did the assessments, all fell by 8-10 “strokes”.  Who wouldn’t be happy with that in 6 weeks on the golf course?  I did the course in Jan-Feb, a time when I do still play every week if the weather’s good enough and have found the balance and rotational improvements I’ve made, have led to better swing stability on the links. (Eddie Middleton – February 2020)


Heather has been instrumental in me now controlling my back pain rather than it controlling me.

In the past three months, she has inspired confidence in my own ability to overcome longstanding back problems, by addressing problems with whole body movements.

Treatments have included ‘hands on’ and very effective acupuncture, to release tension or spasms. However, Heather does not just treat the symptoms; she treats the cause and tailors flexibility and strengthening exercises to correct bad habits that have crept in to compensate for sites of pain.

I can’t thank Heather enough for the way that she has changed my (our family) life. Her knowledge, skill and positive attitude towards recovery are exceptional! (Gareth West – June 2019)

Pain in neck radiating to behind shoulder blade. Was completely disabled with it for a week. Heather came to see me and sorted in 1 hour… amazing. Thank you. (Pearl Dickson – September 2019)

Heather is probably the best in her field! I watched her help at least 10 people with various bodily injuries throughout our yoga training. She approached each case calmly and with exact knowledge to ease the problem. You feel completely comfortable and confident with Heather treating you and I would recommend her to anyone. (Christina Petsas – November 2019)

I have been seeing Heather for physio for a few months now. Firstly for a shoulder injury from an exercise class which with 2 sessions and some exercises to do at home was completely sorted. Now she is helping me with an old injury to improve my flexibility. Heather is so professional and very knowledgeable and love that the sessions are from my own house. The chat is always great too. (Stephanie Bremner – June 2019)


Just finished my first block of Heather’s classes for golfers (I don’t play golf but it’s equally applicable to anyone who wants to increase flexibility and mobility). Can’t recommend this enough! With almost daily practice and the weekly class I haven’t been so comfortable in twenty years (my job was very hard on my back). A really noticeable difference in flexibility and movement, most of the stiffness and resistance is gone. 

I’ve already booked the next block. And it’s a lot of fun too!! 

Movement is life….. (John McDavitt – September 2019)

Heather is a brilliant yoga instructor and her classes have the perfect blend of exertion and relaxation. You always leave feeling amazing with a big smile on your face.

I’ve also been to Heather for physio and her treatment was amazing……. instantly effective. It’s clear to see she has a wealth of knowledge and she also has a lovely manner. Couldn’t recommend her highly enough! (Gayle Verner – June 2019)

Heather is a super Yoga Instructor. I can highly recommend that you try Yoga is you have not already done so. You will see benefits that will just make you smile. (Shona Ferguson – May 2019)

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