Pregnancy yoga

Being pregnant is one of the most normal, natural and beautiful qualities of being a woman. However, due to the increasing stress and speed of life, we have become accustomed to, we need to spend some time grounding our bodies. Pregnancy yoga enables us to relax our minds and build confidence and bring self-awareness – being sensitive to the changes in your body thereby empowering us for the preparation of birth and postnatally which has successfully been completed for centuries. 

Pregnancy yoga

Yoga allows you to explore a variety of postures, movement and breathing techniques that enable a woman to work with the power of contractions/ pain etc.

There are proven benefits for yoga within flexibility, breath work and relaxation, core stability exercises, pelvic floor muscle exercises, posture and body awareness.

The Pelvic obstetrics and gynaecological physiotherapists group (POGP) refer to the importance of exercise in pregnancy including: keeps heart, lungs and muscles as healthy as possible; increases strength and stamina; a pregnant woman is doing her best for her baby as it develops; improves fitness and may help post-birth recovery. 

“The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind and the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life”

BKS Iynegar 
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