Nutrition researcher

Nutrition has been something I have been researching since early 2009. I have had many health conditions to deal with over the years including 9 concussions, PTSD, Bell’s Palsy twice, EDS and Arthritis. 

I was recommended Steroids for EDS and advised I would inevitably get Arthritis in many joints over the years because of my conditions. 

Through researching health and nutrition and completing a 16 week programme on the Root Cause Protocol, I have managed to stay off medication, and manage my Arthritis and other symptoms with no further joints being effected. 

I do not have a qualification in Nutrition or Dietetics, however I am also not on any medication, purely through managing my symptoms through what I eat alone. 

With the knowledge I have gained over the years, I am able to give you a different perspective on the effects of food on our bodies. Most importantly what works for one person does not necessarily work for another.

If you are interested in looking at what you eat from a different perspective, I am happy to chat with you.

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